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Hydraulic Steel Pipe

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Hydraulic steel pipe is basically divided into the hydraulic system with fluid pipe and oil cylinder, also known as honing tube, and cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless steel pipe also contains hydraulic tube.

Hydraulic pipe after finishing, no oxidation bright heat treatment of raw materials (NBK), nondestructive testing, steel pipe inner hole through high pressure washing, pickling, block on both ends of the steel tube inside and outside wall with anti-rust oil antirust processing, used as a dustproof.To produce steel pipes with high precision, finish good, tube inside and outside wall without oxidation layer, steel pipe can bear the high pressure of fluid flow through, and the steel tube cold bending deformation, flaring, flattening without cracks.Mechanical properties can be bending deformation under any Angle.

Technical standard
As in the standard DIN2391-1. Hydraulic steel raw materials through fine drawing, bright heat treatment without oxidation (NBK status), nondestructive testing, pipe bore through high pressure washing, pickling, steel outer wall with anti-rust oil rust treatment, both ends of the handle used as a dust cover . Produced steel with high precision, good finish, steel outer wall oxide layer, steel can withstand high pressure liquid flow through, and steel cold deformation, can flaring, flattening no cracks. Mechanical properties can be bent without deformation in any angle. The oil in the hydraulic system is mainly used for the preparation of steel, also called hydraulic system hard piping, automotive precision steel tubes, outer diameter size is generally (D) Φ4mm-76mm, wall thickness (S) 0.5mm-6.0mm. Length of 6 meters in length (excluding made), the delivery status of NBK (normalizing), GBK (annealing), BKS (stress relief annealing). Using the main material for ST35, ST37, ST45, ST55, ST52, etc. to meet the requirements of high precision steel pipe, finish, high tensile strength, mechanical properties of the customer.

European standard EN10305-4: 2003, whichever hydraulic pipe introduction: produced precision hydraulic cold drawn seamless steel pipe is after tempering treatment by anaerobic eliminate internal stress before and after surface rust treatment phosphide made. Product size and high precision, scalability, easy processing bent into various shapes and pipe cross-section need not be deflated or flat; high precision tube surface, tempered by the anaerobic treatment of moderate hardness of the surface is easy to connect the card sets, bore and surface rust after phosphate treatment without pickling rust can be installed directly.

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