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Internal Coated Pipe

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using epoxy powder coating is for 30 years of history in a foreign country due to the wide range of sources of raw materials, production methods are simple, cheap, good performance, which do not pollute the environment and long service life, so far it is a good anti-corrosion coatings. Petroleum Institute of Construction Technology in China for the oil field pipeline corrosion problems and successfully develop the anti-corrosion coating of epoxy powder to fill the blank of the domestic pipeline anti-corrosion powder coating. the paint coating has excellent chemical resistance, good mechanical properties, high electrical insulation properties and good toughness. Corrosion tests predict coating life, the conditions intact Chu apply the paint to do the inner coating of oil, gas and water pipes, the life expectancy of up to l5 years; do sewage and mixed water injection pipeline within the coating, life up to 5 to 7 years. The construction method using the pipeline industry, the most widely used static thermal spraying method. According to the data reported, due to the transmission medium, the thickness of the coating of epoxy powder coating requirements are also different. Domestic oil, gas, water and sewage, etc. containing certain corrosive media, anti-corrosion pipe is the best thick coating. Electrostatic heat till coated thick coating, spraying a coating thickness of up to 250 ~ 350/an maximum thickness of up to 500, ~ 'n. Electrostatic Powder the moraine coated is a surface treatment of the solid powder, it has a simple, easy to operate equipment, process, free from the workpiece size limit.

Inner surface heat-resistant paints and coatings
The technology is the surface heat-resistant paint coating that mixed epoxy resin main agent and epoxy resin curing agent in the steel pipe (each about 5.5m), natural drying a certain period of time, more than 6O ℃ warm water or 60 ℃ or more hot air into the tube, forced drying, more than three hours to complete the steel pipe coating. The technology is mainly applied to water pipelines and transmission and hot water pipe internal coated first surface treatment on the pipe wall, and then use the compressor by the pressure of air or nitrogen, Pressure between the resistance and the two applicator thermal coating in the pipe wall to form a uniform coating. Coating must 6O ° C more than warm water or 60 "C, hot air above the mandatory drying and natural drying is heat resistant to dissolution performance decreased significantly.

Epoxy resin latex cement mortar lining
Epoxy resin latex cement mortar lining in the steel tube surface first coated with epoxy cement water-based paint, to form the undercoat, and then based on this coating the lining. The use of materials is containing epoxy resin latex cement mortar. Colloidal silicon dioxide is added in the cement mortar. Cement water-based coatings and cement mortar contain ionic latex (a hydrocarbon solvent containing 5 to 8 sugars). The lining of steel pipes, except for sewage and water pipelines is also apply to oil, gas and steam pipelines. In order to get a solid lining, pipe lining before, the surface must be shot peening, shot peening is divided into dry and wet shot peening, if both methods are not adopted, can also be used to pickling.

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