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Piling Pipe

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Piling Pipe is widely used in coastal, river, lake area. Offshore deepwater terminal project in the country have also been large-scale construction in coastal areas, and as a major deep-water dock pile bearing capacity, generally use the large diameter spiral weld pipe, in addition, bridges, roads, high-rise building needs piling pipe etc.

Piling pipe weld surface shall not have cracks, broken arc, craters and holes and other defects, the presence of these defects allow the welding seam defects allow grinding or repair. Allow the pipe weld steel head, steel allow docking with two pipe sections together, submerged arc butt welding or manual welding process can be carried out. Production of steel piling mainly use the double submerged arc technology. A first advantage of using the double submerged arc technique is completely automated; The second advantage is conducted under submerged arc welding, the heat exchange and protection of its relatively strong performance, high quality welding out; the third advantage is the automatic submerged arc welding arc welding flux can be used under high-current, high welding efficiency.

When piling, as a result of pile to soil compaction effect, first into the level of pile after pile was caused migration and displacement or push and shove by floating pile vertical extrusion drawing; then pile into hard to reach design elevation or buried deep, causing uplift and squeeze the soil, cut pile is too large. When the group piles, in order to ensure the quality and progress, to prevent damage to surrounding buildings, according to the intensity of the pre-piling pile, pile size, length and pile frame is easy to move and other factors to select the correct piling order. Common piling order generally following categories: conducted in one direction by the side from the middle to be symmetrical in both directions, from the middle to four weeks.

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