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Strong black spot and weak spot steel market enters a period of high volatility

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Yesterdays night market, many black varieties showed a low driving and weak market. After a short adjustment, they continued to advance today. Coking coal and hot coils took the lead in rebounding in the afternoon and continued to record highs together with iron ore. The highest reached 6,727 yuan, 2,138.5 yuan, and 1,358 yuan, respectively. The thread returned to the vicinity of 6,200 yuan, and Masukura went up across the board. In particular, the hot roll is gaining momentum, with Masukura reaching more than 60,000 hands.


  At the same time, a huge influx of funds has once again occurred. Iron ore and double coke have attracted more than 1 billion gold, and hot coils and threads have captured 976 million and 680 million, respectively!


   However, the spot market's enthusiasm has significantly cooled down, and the pattern of "strong board, long and weak" has appeared. The price of long products has dropped slightly in some areas. The trading atmosphere is slightly better than yesterday, but the overall transaction is far from the previous few days.


   From the perspective of market mentality, it is slightly wait-and-see. The current consensus is that it is still optimistic about the medium and long-term, and there is a fear of high or even phased adjustments for the short-term exceed-expected resonant rise.  


   As a result, traders and terminal purchasers have slightly changed their operations. Some merchants with strong financial strength have closed their warehouses to receive goods and waited for the opportunity. Some merchants chose to cash out at a high level, and the purchasers' willingness to stock up large areas was significantly reduced.  


On the news, DCE publicly solicited market opinions on iron ore last night, and planned to lower the iron ore delivery quality standards and adjust brand premiums and discounts. From the perspective of the revised plan, it is intended to facilitate delivery and promote iron ore. The smooth development of futures trading and delivery business.


  In the short term, the steel market may continue to increase significantly, or relatively limited, and the room for adjustment is not very large. Both parties need to wait for the opportunity and wait for new signals of long and short variables.


In terms of price  


Data shows that today, the average price of Ф25mm grade 3 rebar in key domestic cities is 6,229 yuan (ton price, the same below), down 7 yuan from yesterday; the average price of Ф6.5mm high-line steel in key domestic cities is 6,683 yuan, up 18 yuan from yesterday ; The average price of 5.5mm hot-rolled coils in key domestic cities is 6665 yuan, an increase of 68 yuan from yesterday; the average price of 1.0mm cold plate in key domestic cities is 7,214 yuan, an increase of 83 yuan from yesterday; the average price of 20mm medium plates in key domestic cities The price is 6529 yuan, 45 yuan higher than yesterday.


Raw materials


Today, Changli 150*150 plain carbon billet in Tangshan area is 5350 yuan, the same as yesterday; Jingtang Port 61.5% grade Australian PB iron ore powder price is 1630 yuan, the same as yesterday; Tangshan area quasi-level metallurgical coke comes to the factory including tax The price is 2660 yuan, an increase of 100 yuan from yesterday.

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