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Thick Wall Steel Pipe

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The pipe diameter and wall thickness ratio of less than 20 is called thick-walled steel pipe, which is mainly used in petroleum geology drilling pipe, petrochemical used cracking tubes, boiler tubes, pipes and automotive bearings, tractors, aviation structures with high precision tubes. The biggest difference between thick and thin-walled steel pipe is the wall thickness, in general, thin-walled steel pipes are drawing techniques, and general use of hot-rolled thick-walled steel pipe technology, if it is used to distinguish between units of measure, then, generally, the wall thickness / diameter equal to 0.02 is a watershed walled steel and thin-walled steel pipe, wall thickness / diameter thin-walled steel pipe is less than 0.02, greater than the thick-walled steel pipe, in use, the multi-walled steel pipe in the pipeline. The multi-walled steel pipe used in the hollow part of the blank. As well as the important use of pressure pipes.

Thick-walled steel is mainly used in water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, power industry, agricultural irrigation, urban construction. For the transport of liquids: water supply, drainage. For gas transportation: gas, steam, LPG. For structural purposes: as piling pipe for bridges; piers, roads, pipes and other building structures.

When welding the welding thick-walled pipe first clean the weld oil, paint, water, rust, etc., and then according to the wall thickness of beveling, opened a large number of thick, thin it to open a small number (angle grinder), then that is on the product The gap is usually 1 or wire rod diameter - 1.5 times, if not careful beveling open big words can properly stay smaller. Tack welding at least three points, four points better general work. Welding when welding should be half and half, the best starting point is about more than the bottom one centimeter, so from across the connector. If the pipe wall thickness, it should be layered, at least two layers, the first layer of full circle welding can weld finished second layer.

The key to quality of thick steel steel pipe is wall thickness uniformity, which is not under control will directly affect the quality and usefulness, large diameter thick wall steel pipe is generally used in a variety of machining, thick wall machining parts, even thick-walled steel pipe wall will directly affect the quality of post-processing of parts, thick wall pipe is not controlled, the overall quality of steel is not strict. Select the appropriate venue and custody of thick-walled steel warehouse venue or warehouse, should be selected in clean, smooth drainage area, away from harmful gases or dust in mines. Presence on the ground to be cleared of all debris and weeds, thick-walled steel pipe to keep clean. In the warehouse can not with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other thick-walled steel for corrosive materials have stacked together. Different varieties of thick-walled pipe should be stacked separately to prevent confusion and prevent contact corrosion. Large steel, rail, shame steel, large diameter seamless steel pipe, forgings, etc., may open dumps.

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