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Changsha Hunan Steel Group participated in the Lange Network Gansu Regional Seminar

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On August 22, 2019, the "2019 Gansu Regional Steel City Trend Seminar" hosted by Lange Steel Network was successfully held in Lanzhou Wanshou Palace Hotel. Our group participated in this meeting.image



   At the meeting, Zheng Yuchun, deputy director of the Research Center for Metallurgical Industry Economic Development, pointed out that my country's macroeconomic economy is generally stable and progresses in a stable manner, and the role of monetary policy and fiscal policy is obvious. The growth rate of infrastructure investment is expected to increase in the second half of the year, and there is still huge room for development in infrastructure construction. However, it is still facing downward pressure. The main risks come from the Sino-US trade dispute and the downward trend of the world economy. In addition, with the successive commissioning of new steel production capacity in my country, the excessively fast new production capacity is offsetting the supply-side structural reform, and the intensity of production restriction has weakened, which should be paid attention to.

Han Weidong, a senior expert at Lange Steel Network, emphasized that we must pay attention to the macro economy, including the Sino-US trade dispute, the Fed's interest rate cut, the international economy, and the domestic economy. Changes in the economic situation have brought new changes in the steel industry, including supply-side reforms and environmental dividends, advanced overcapacity, demand peaks and turning points, and the rise of electric furnaces. To this end, everyone must establish a new business model, look for a new strategic cooperation, and explore new ways of operation.

Ma Li, chief analyst of Lange Steel Network, analyzed the future steel market trends that everyone cares about. He said that under the influence of the recent slowdown in overall economic growth, the pressure is increasing, which is mainly manifested in the contradiction between supply and demand and the gradual increase in steel stocks. The output of most steel industries is sluggish, and global economic growth is expected to further decline.

At present, the construction of urban agglomerations across the country is in full swing. The central and western city clusters centered on Xi'an and Lanzhou are bringing significant historical opportunities to the region. As one of the two core cities on the ancient Silk Road, Lanzhous future is worthy of everyones expectations.

Based on China, our Changsha Hunan steel looks to the west, grasping the strategy, and Lanzhou has a glorious rejuvenation history!

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