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How to solve the long-term "pain points" of my country's steel industry

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How to build a high-quality resource guarantee system??

In the next 5-10 years, the steel industry will develop in the direction of green and low-carbon development. This trend will inevitably put forward higher requirements for the quality of raw material supply. The construction of a high-quality resource guarantee system is facing severe tests, but also contains opportunities.


The high-quality resource guarantee system of my country's steel industry is composed of raw fuel, scrap steel supply and supporting trading system, transportation system and trading system. The goal should be to establish a long-term, efficient, stable and diversified system. Only by taking multiple measures in terms of domestic mines, imported mines, trading system and rights and interests mines, can we achieve the goal of building a high-quality steel industry resource guarantee system.


The Research Institute of Metallurgical Industry Planning believes that the domestic mine construction has an opportunity period and window period of about 10-15 years. It must follow the construction goal of "stabilizing output, adjusting structure, and high-quality", and proceed from both production and operation. In terms of production, it is necessary to realize green, intelligent and base; in terms of operation, it is necessary to move towards internationalization, marketization and modernization.


In terms of the construction of imported mineral protection, it is necessary to actively participate in global mining governance, the "Belt and Road" initiative, etc., strengthen the docking with the mining market, policies, standards and other fields of various countries, as well as mineral trade negotiations and rule revision; further develop the import trade of mineral products, Cooperate with mineral resource countries other than mainstream supply areas to realize the diversification of import sources, methods, varieties and channels, and diversify risks to the greatest possible extent; increase the concentration of procurement, establish a procurement regional alliance or ecosystem, and consider the establishment of chrome ore in a timely manner The reserve system of other strategic resources.


Regarding the trading system, the first thing is to optimize the pricing mechanism. At present, the iron ore index represented by the Platts index is widely questioned by the market in reflecting the transparency and fairness of iron ore prices. The financial and short-term trends of iron ore are more obvious, and the price is easily affected by iron ore financial products. The excessive speculative influence of its derivatives and its derivatives fluctuate sharply, and China lacks the right to speak in pricing. Through upstream and downstream transmission, it affects the stability of the steel industry and increases industry costs. The next step is to accelerate the construction of my countrys iron ore price system, improve my countrys iron ore futures market, explore diversified pricing mechanisms and models such as futures, and organize an import procurement alliance on the premise that the concentration of my countrys steel industry has not increased significantly. , Strengthen the right to speak in the market procurement, and jointly study and improve the iron ore pricing mechanism with the seller.


The second is to improve the trading system. The current iron ore market has an unprecedented close and highly consistent connection with the financial market. The international mining exploration, development, transportation, trade, and iron ore index, futures, spot, and derivatives market systems are highly integrated with the financial system. In the next step, we must improve the existing trading platform and actively study the role and impact of financial products; build an iron ore financial strategy system, further improve the iron ore financial product mechanism, strengthen supervision, curb excessive speculation, and protect iron ore The price system operates reasonably; further develop and improve iron ore import trade, and strengthen the establishment of a stable iron ore international trade dialogue mechanism with major international iron ore producers and exporters.


Then there is the need to protect transportation channels. More than 80% of China's imported iron ore comes from Australia and Brazil. In order to strengthen the risk prevention of imported iron ore shipping links, a risk prevention emergency mechanism has been established to ensure the transportation safety of imported resources.

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