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Steel prices fluctuate repeatedly in an environment of changing market sentiment

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Futures performance today 

  [Snails] 2110 closed at 5168, up 135, turnover rebounded, holdings increased by more than 160,000 hands, daily K closed at Zhongyang, and the leading indicator on the daily chart rose. The national finished products have generally risen, the average price of various varieties has risen by 10-60, the cost support is strong, the steel mills are priced, and the news of production restriction is frequent, there is the demand for stocking before the holiday, which drives the increase in the period, but the transaction is not followed up after the increase, and the market waits and sees The sentiment is obvious, and the latest data shows that this week's five major steel mills' stocks have rebounded, total stocks have turned from a decline to an increase, and apparent demand has fallen. It is recommended that businesses operate cautiously, the snails are bullish and anti-fall, support 5120 pressure 5200. 

   Inventory data this week showed that the factory inventory increased, the social inventory decreased slightly, the total output of the five major varieties increased, the apparent demand decreased significantly, and the overall off-season effect was obvious. 

Spot market trend 

[Strip Steel] The naked price of Tangshan 285-355 strap steel market goes up, Hongxing 4975 Rulong/Anfeng/Jinxi/Jinma/Hongxing/Donghai/Guoyi/Xinda/Donghua spot 4950-5000 (mainstream 4965) , Futures are around 4970-4980, and the mainstream spot price includes tax 5410-5440. Futures snails are rising strongly. Compared with the growth of futures, the increase of spot price is not large. The market is still cautious at high levels, and the downstream maintains the focus on receiving goods on demand. 

  [Profiles] Tangshan section steel plant shipments: Today, 18 section steel plants ship a total of 5,700 tons. The transaction price is 5210 troughs, 5280 workers and 5270. Model prices have risen steadily, and the role of cost support has emerged.

    [Inventory on the North China Board] Market prices rose slightly today, and futures steel fluctuated upward. Spot transactions improved. Merchants were more active, Tianjin 5380, Tangshan 5420, and Wu'an 5350-5370 

  [Tube] On the 10th, Tangshan 4-inch 3.75 welded pipe: Youfa 5520, Zhengda 5490, Jinghua 5680, the market price is 5470, including tax.

 Raw material market 

   On the 10th, Tangshan billet rose 20 to 4980 yuan/ton. Downstream rolling mills purchase billets on demand. Today's direct sales transaction performance is average. There was a transaction in the warehouse spot at 5,060 yuan including tax in the early afternoon, which was an increase of 10 yuan in the morning. The black series of snails fluctuates at a high level. The current market sentiment follows the fluctuations of futures. At the end of June, the imported billet arrives at Hong Kong to quote the price-5070-5080 yuan. Traders have a strong sentiment for the price. In addition, the billet itself is fair. It is expected that Tangshan billet Prices are stable and strong. 

  According to a survey of 21 main warehouses and ports in four cities across the country, the billet storage inventory this week was 613,900 tons, a decrease of 102,000 tons from last week. Among them, Tangshan is 378,900 tons, Tianjin is 12,000 tons, Wu'an is 3 million tons, and Jiangyin Port is 220,000 tons. 

   In the recent steel market, transactions for high-priced resources are average, while transactions for low-priced resources are fair, and overall demand is unstable. In the short term, under the environment of high costs, unstable demand, and volatile market sentiment, steel prices have fluctuated repeatedly, with ups and downs. It is recommended that merchants reduce their inventory appropriately at rallies.

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