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The price of spiral pipes has soared to plummet, what should the market outlook look like?

Time : 2021-05-26 Hits : 50

 Since March, the market price of various types of steel has repeatedly hit new highs, and it has reached its peak after the Qingming Festival. For steel mills and traders, the sharp rise in steel prices means high profits and huge risks, while for the downstream entity manufacturing industry, it is an unspeakable dark time.


   But the so-called prosperity must decline, and the material extreme must be reversed. The high and rapid increase in commodity prices quickly attracted the attention and attention of the relevant regulatory authorities. Under the intervention of policies, the overheated market sentiment has significantly cooled.


[Scrap Steel] Today, Tangshan scrap steel is mainly stable, weighing A3450-3580. Traders reported difficulties in receiving goods, limited market circulation resources, and the overall delivery of steel mills was average, while the trend of finished products was weak, the transaction was not good, and the scrap steel support was insufficient. Fortune expects short-term steel scrap to remain stable but weak.


[Coal Coke] Tangshan quasi-level metallurgical coke is 2900 yuan/ton inclusive of taxes; the second-level metallurgical coke is 2,840 yuan/ton, and both are inclusive of taxes. The first round of coke price increase has not yet landed. In the steel coke game, the purchasing rhythm of steel plants has gradually slowed down, the market bearish sentiment has increased, and the short-term coke has been temporarily stable and wait-and-see.


[Spiral tube] Today, the ex-factory weighing price of Cangzhou spiral tube is reduced by 50 yuan including tax: CangluoΦ219-273*6-weight 6000, Φ1120-1420*15-161 weighing 5920, Φ2520-2920*19-20 weighing 6120.


[Line snails] The price of Tangshan line snails is now steadily lowered by 50%. The current high-line tax-included price: Anfeng 5080 is stable; the East China Sea tax-included price of large snails 5250 fell 50, small snails 5350 fell 50, this period of snails remain green, the market mentality is unstable, terminal merchants are more careful to replenish inventory.


[Medium board] Today, the main board of the Tangshan board is stable and weak. The mainstream specification 5370 is down 20 from yesterday's high. The low position is stable. The market is dominated by the bearish factor. Merchants dare not act rashly. The market just needs to purchase, and the atmosphere is flat.


[Strip Steel] 285-355 series naked market spot 4790-4840 (mainstream 4800) Hongxing 4810 futures 4790-4810. The futures snails remain green and fluctuate, and the spot price drops by about 30-40 compared with yesterday afternoon. The price of snails mainly adjusts with the future, and the trading is generally acceptable. However, the leading steel mills dropped 50, the willingness of traders to keep prices weakened, and market sentiment was unstable.


From the current point of view, under the high pressure of multiple policies, price suppression is obvious. Steel mills in various regions have successively increased maintenance plans. The spot market has been cold. Most of them are buying up but not buying down. In addition, East China is entering the rainy season, and it is already unable to deliver goods. Under the circumstances, coupled with policy suppression, before there is no good news, the price continued to fall, which has basically become a vicious circle, and it will maintain weak and stable operation in the short term.

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