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The raw material end support is still there, and the price of spiral pipes has risen steadily

Time : 2021-08-02 Hits : 48

Affected by iron ore today, steel futures fluctuated greatly, with a maximum increase of nearly 130. The spot market showed ups and downs, but the overall trend was stable. After the price of spiral pipe stabilized, downstream purchase demand was gradually released and transactions were made. It's getting better. 

PPI increased by 9% year-on-year, and CPI increased by 1.3% year-on-year


   In May 2021, PPI increased by 9.0% year-on-year and 1.6% month-on-month; among them, due to the increase in the cost of raw materials such as iron ore and coke, the price of ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry increased by 6.4% month-on-month and 38.1% year-on-year. CPI rose 1.3% year-on-year, and fell 0.2% month-on-month. The price index maintained growth. The PPI was mainly affected by the sharp increase in commodity prices. Domestic demand has recovered steadily as a whole. The policy of ensuring supply and price stability has achieved remarkable results. 

Sales of 27,220 excavators, a year-on-year decrease of 14.3%


  According to the statistics of 26 excavator manufacturers by the Construction Machinery Industry Association, 27,220 excavators of various types were sold in May, a year-on-year decrease of 14.3%; among them, 22,070 were domestic, down 25.2% year-on-year; 5,150 were exported, up 132% year-on-year. According to the data, it can be seen that overseas demand is still very resilient, which provides strong support to steel prices.


Futures steel fluctuates widely, and the spot price is stable.


   Today, driven by iron ore, the futures steel turned red, but the volatility was greater. Snails rose 65 to close at 5035, issue volumes rose 110 to close at 5366, iron ore rose 45 to close at 1175, coking coal rose 42.5 to close at 1871, and coke rose 106.5 to close at 2624.


   8 of the 24 markets for rebar fell by 20-120 and 7 markets rose by 10-50. The average price of 20mmHRB400E was 5108 yuan/ton, down 5 yuan/ton from the previous trading day;


   Two of the 24 hot coil markets fell by 20-40, and 18 markets rose by 10-100. The average price of 4.75 hot-rolled coils was 5,520 yuan/ton, an increase of 27 yuan/ton from the previous trading day;


   Among the 24 markets of the medium board, 4 markets fell 20-50, and 7 markets rose 10-40. The average price of 14-20mm common medium board was 5536 yuan/ton, down 6 yuan/ton from the previous trading day.


To sum up, today’s steel futures turned red and fluctuated at the support point, but on the whole, it is in a closed state. The spot market, the demand for the off-season is generally weak, but the market atmosphere has improved, and low transactions are acceptable. In addition, raw materials The end support is still there, and the spiral tube price is expected to rise steadily.

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