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The spiral tube market has soared and fallen sharply, what should we do in the future?

Time : 2021-06-01 Hits : 48

Tangshan's environmental protection limit production has increased. In May, independent steel mills in Fengrun District will reduce emissions by 30%. Production will be suspended from May 20 to 31. Under the background of carbon neutrality, the pressure drop in steel production in 2021 is a high probability event. Industry supply may be long-term Restricted. So, for the recent surge in the steel market, can it play a "leverage" role? What should the spiral tube market in the later stage be?


Merchant mentality


Recently, steel market merchants have been plagued with mentality. Before the traditional off-season of steel market in June, the enthusiasm of manufacturers in operation was generally not high, especially after the baptism of the shocking market that soared to mid-May, the market price rose in the later period. Weakness is currently the most tangled thing for most manufacturers.


Therefore, analysts did a small survey on the market trend in the later period: a total of 49 people participated in the voting, of which 32.1% believed that the steel market still had room for upward movement in the later period, and 17.9% believed that the market price was down, but most people believed that the steel market was fluctuating. .


Raw material inventory


   Tangshan Haiyi Hongrun steel billet was stored in 6,400 tons, and out of storage was 12,100 tons. The existing inventory was 161,800 tons, and the inventory decreased by 5,700 tons. In terms of the market, downstream rolling stock companies mostly purchase on-demand, and Tangshan billet direct delivery transactions are still weak this morning.


   At present, there are few circulating resources in the market, which supports the mentality of steel mills to keep prices high, but considering that the future will continue to be green and low, the market operation atmosphere is cautious.


   For the recent sharp rise and fall of spiral tube prices, it mainly reflects the demand for a rational callback after the crazy skyrocket in the early period, and to a certain extent releases the panic in the market. But whether it is the sharp depreciation of the U.S. dollar, the inflation caused by the domestic carbon-neutral background, the steel market will eventually return to reasonable demand, coupled with the off-season of the Meiyu steel market in June, the demand is gradually shrinking. On the whole, There is still room for a decline in the market in the later period, and the weakness continues.

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