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Hunan Steel Co.,LTD. have quality inspection center to provide testing services to the production process and finished products. The laboratory has 14 sets of test equipment, including flatting test units, hydraulic test unit and the ultrasonic flaw detection units used in the production workshop at the scene. It could detect 31 kinds of projects, including the metal material and coating material physical and chemical properties.

Chemiese analise
Main purpose of chemical analysis to determine whether the batch product accord with standard of the grade of steel products, and to the analysis of the results should be taken as the basis of the judgement of the batch product.

Metallurgical Micriscope 

Test metal organization, such as rolling, forging and heat treatment processing leads to changes in microstructure, grain size inspection or the distribution of nonmetallic inclusion and other groups

Ultrasoniese foutopsporing
Ultrasonic flaw detection has high detection sensitivity, to crack in the steel pipe straight defects such as sensitive, also can detect non-metallic. 

Impact Test Machine
Low temperature and impact test of low temperature tank, with impact testing machine is a kind of form a complete set of low temperature environment for the sample to a special test equipment, widely used in all kind of related field.

Hardheid toets
The main purpose of the hardness test is to determine the applicability of the steel pipe, or steel pipefor a specific purpose by hardening or softening effect, Methods is including brinell, rockwell and vickers hardness.

Hydraulic Tester
Checking the quality of pipe connection leak test,check the vacuum pipe system maintain the performance of the vacuum test and based on the fire safety considerations for the leakage test, etc.

This machine test special plug lead and folding strength of wire.The sample test is fixed on the fixture, and add a certain load, test fixture swinging, examine the break rate after a certain number of times, or until all bolt can't
electricity to check its total number of swing.The function of automatic counting, bending specimen is no electricity to break, and can automatically stop the operation.