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Analysis of Relevant Problems in the Export of Steel Pipe Building Materials by Sea

December 22,2022

Which countries are our steel pipes  mainly exported to?

Our steel pipes are mainly sold to Germany, Canada, Russia, Italy, Spain, Australia, the United States, France, Malaysia, Dubai, Iran, Arabia, Türkiye, Argentina, Vietnam, South Korea, etc.
2. What kind of packaging is needed for the export of  steel pipe  building materials?
The packaging requirements of steel pipes are basically divided into two categories: one is ordinary binding, and the other is container loading with turnover box.
3. What are the requirements for export loading of steel pipe building materials?
In order to prevent pipe body depression, indentation, scratch and pipe orifice damage, disk crane, nylon belt or wire rope with protective separator shall be used for hoisting during loading.
It is not allowed to forcibly pull out the nylon belt or steel wire rope when it is pressed under the steel pipe or pipe bundle. When loading and transporting steel pipes, due to the limitation of shipping conditions, the pulling of nylon belt or steel wire rope must be stable to avoid strong collision and impact between steel pipes or pipe bundles or rolling of pipe bundles. Rough loading and unloading is strictly prohibited.
For the finished steel pipes delivered to users for long-distance transportation, they shall be bundled firmly after loading. If steel wire ropes or similar hard objects are used for binding, protective spacers shall be placed on the steel pipe binding place or added on the steel wire ropes to prevent damage to the steel pipe surface and direct collision, friction and back and forth movement between the steel pipe and the carriage

Can steel pipes be transported by sea?

The steel pipe can be transported by sea. The common steel pipe is 12 meters, which can be put in the cabin. The steel pipe shall be carefully bound when it is placed on the deck, and the cost is relatively high. The 40 inch open top container can be used as the means of transportation for the export of steel pipe building materials, which has the advantages of short packing time and high efficiency.
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