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Analysis of Two Main Factors Affecting the Welding Quality of Steel Pipe

December 22,2022

(1) Welding equipment factors

 Welding equipment is an important factor affecting the quality of  steel pipe  welding. The performance and stability of welding equipment have great influence on the welding process, especially some welding equipment with complex structure and high automation have absolute influence on the welding quality. Facing the influence of welding equipment on steel pipe welding quality, we can deal with it from the following aspects: First, we should regularly repair and maintain the welding equipment of the enterprise. Secondly, establish a personnel responsibility system to reduce the damage caused by improper use of welding equipment in the use process. Finally, the instrument on the welding equipment shall be checked regularly.

(2) Welding material factor

The quality of welding materials will also affect the quality of steel pipe welding. Welding materials include not only the materials to be welded, but also various welding materials and various parts to be used together. The quality of these welding materials is the basis for the final quality of steel pipe welding. For the influence of welding materials on welding quality, the following aspects can be controlled: first, the source of welding materials should be controlled, and raw materials should be purchased from manufacturers with good quality and reputation. Secondly, acceptance and quality inspection shall be carried out for materials entering the factory. Finally, establish a strict material management system.

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