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What are the classification and application scenarios of welded steel pipes?

December 22,2022

welded steel pipe  refers to the steel pipe with joints on the surface, which is welded after the steel strip or steel plate is bent and deformed into circular, square and other shapes. The blank used for welded steel pipe is steel plate or strip steel.

Welded steel pipe, also known as welded steel pipe, is basically a steel pipe made of rolled steel plate or strip steel after welding. The production process of welded steel pipe is simple, the production efficiency is high, the varieties and specifications are many, and the equipment resources are few, but the general strength is lower than that of Seamless Steel Pipe. Since the 1930s, with the rapid development of continuous rolling production of high-quality strip steel and the progress of welding and inspection technology, the quality of welding seam has been continuously improved, and the variety and specification of welded steel pipes have increased day by day, and they have replaced seamless steel pipes in more and more fields.

 Welded steel pipes are divided into straight seam welded pipes and spiral welded pipes according to the form of welds.

1、 Classification of welded pipe

The classification method of welded pipe according to its use: it can be divided into general welded pipe, galvanized welded pipe, oxygen blowing welded pipe, wire casing, metric welded pipe, idler pipe, deep well pump pipe, automobile pipe, transformer pipe, electric welding thin-wall pipe, electric welding profiled pipe and spiral welded pipe.

2、 Application scope of welded pipe

Welded pipe products are widely used in light structural door and window steel, furniture for boilers, automobiles, ships, buildings, various agricultural machinery, scaffolding, wire conduits, high-rise shelves, containers, etc. Can meet customer requirements, special specifications of welded pipe can be processed according to user requirements.

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